Medical Freedom

Dr. Paul Thomas v. Harding et al, 22-cv-944 (D. Or.), filed June 30, 2022, seeking $35,000,000 in damages for the violation of Dr. Thomas’ rights by the Oregon Medical Board. Dr. Thomas has published scientific results showing that unvaccinated children are much healthier that children vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule. A few days after his results were published, the Oregon Medical Board issued an emergency suspension of Dr. Thomas’ license. The Oregon Medical Board had no justification for ordering an emergency suspension of Dr. Thomas’ medical license—and the Oregon Medical Board violated its own rules when it did so. The Oregon Medical Board’s behavior has been so egregious that it is the subject of an entire book: “The War on Informed Consent, The Persecution of Dr. Paul Thomas by the Oregon Medical Board,” by Jeremy R. Hammond. For more about Dr. Thomas see; [LINK to filings]

Malcolm Johnson v. Kate Brown, 21-cv-1494 (D. Or.), filed Oct. 12, 2021, seeking a declaration that the State’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and violative of State and Federal law, an injunction, and damages. The Court’s dismissal of the Complaint was appealed on August 1, 2022. [LINK to District Court filings] [LINK to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals filings]

Ben Edtl v. Best Buy, 22-cv-00003 (D. Or.), filed January 3, 2022, seeking damages against Best Buy for violating Mr. Edtl’s civil rights by forcing him to leave the store because he was not wearing a mask. The Court’s dismissal of the Complaint was appealed on November 14, 2022. [LINK to 9th Circuit Filings] [LINK to filings]

Letters to School Districts threatening suit if they impose a vaccine mandate on their students. [LINK to filings]

Standley v. North Clackamas SD 12, (D. Or.), filed February 18, 2022, seeking an injunction and damages against Vicki Nelms (Athletic Director, Nelson High School), Greg Neuman (Vice Principal, Nelson High School), and the North Clackamas School District for violating the rights of a student athlete by coercing him to wear a face mask. The Court’s dismissal of the Complaint was appealed on October 20, 2022. [LINK to 9th Circuit Filings] [LINK to filings]

Tiberiu Kiss v. Best Buy, 22-cv-00281 (D. Or.), filed February 22, 2022, seeking damages and an injunction against Best Buy for violating Mr. Kiss’ rights under the ADA, treating him like a criminal when he has a disability and is unable to wear a mask, as well as violating his constitutional and other legal rights. The Court’s dismissal of the Complaint was appealed on January 4, 2023. [LINK to 9th Circuit Filings] [LINK to filings]

Bill Clark v. Goodwill, 22-cv-353 (D. Or.), a lawsuit against Goodwill for allegedly violating Mr. Clark’s rights by requiring him to wear a mask, which has now been settled. [LINK to filings]

Dr. Henry Ealy III v. Robert Redfield, et al, 22-cv-356 (D. Or.), filed March 5, 2022. Dr. Ealy, Senator Linthicum, and Senator Thatcher filed a Petition, pro se, seeking an order from a federal judge to impanel a Special Grand Jury to investigate crimes committed by Defendants Robert Redfield (former CDC Director), Rochelle Walensky (CDC Director), Alex Azar (former Secretary HHS), Xavier Becerra (Director HHS), and Brian Moyer (Director National Center for Health Statistics). Additional information about the Petition can be found at Grand Jury Petition. [LINK to filings]

Election Integrity Cases

Washington County v. Tim Sippel, 22cv07782 (Or. Cir. Wash. Cty.). Through a public records request, Tim Sippel sought the ballot database for a public test of the Washington County election system. The County denied the request. The Washington County District Attorney then ordered the County to produce the database. Washington County filed this lawsuit in the Washington County Circuit Court seeking a declaration that it does not have to produce the database. The Oregon Secretary of State has filed a motion to intervene against Tim Sippel. Joncus Law represents Mr. Sippel in his effort to compel disclosure of these public records. [LINK to filings]

Marc Thielman v. Shemia Fagan, 22-cv-1516 (D. Or.), filed on October 8, 2022, the class action lawsuit seeks a declaration that mail-in voting and computer tabulation of the votes are unconstitutional because voters are being disenfranchised. The ease with which the voting systems can be manipulated, the number of anomalies showing that the vote is being manipulated, and the reaction of government officials to hide and cover-up rather than disclose all serve to disenfranchise voters. The government has created a system that is not trustworthy and cannot be verified which causes people to turn away and not bother to vote. If the powers that be have already decided the election, why bother spending time on picking candidates? Why bother voting if my vote will be canceled by an illegal vote? There is a crisis of confidence in Oregon’s election system that has been created by out own government. The voters have to restore control by ending mail-in voting and use of computerized vote tallying machines. [LINK to filings]

Second Amendment

Oregon Firearms Federation v. Kate Brown, 22cv1815 (D. Or.), filed November 18, 2022, is the first-filed case among four federal cases and one state court case challenging the constitutionality of Measure 114. The restriction on magazine size and the permit-to-purchase regime of Measure 114 are blatant violations of the Second Amendment rights of Oregonians. Signficant filings in all 5 cases are linked at [LINK to filings]