I would definitely recommend Stephen for legal services. He responded to my inquiry the same day and helped me resolve my legal matter really quickly. Very knowledgable and professional

– Ambreen Riaz

In 2011, I was blindsided by a copyright infringement lawsuit after creating a musical composition based on the mathematical constant Pi. As a struggling musician, I didn’t have the knowledge or the resources to properly defend myself. Stephen Joncus not only offered his services to me pro bono, but he expertly and thoroughly mounted a defense against the plaintiff that won the case at the outset on a motion to dismiss. My success in winning the case resulted in some coverage in the national news including the Wall Street Journal and CNN. I will be forever grateful to Stephen Joncus for coming to my defense in my hour of need.

– Michael Blake

Mr. Joncus took on our case, Nike, Inc. vs. Enter Play Sports, Inc. on short notice and at a difficult point. Working with Steve we felt a trust and confidence that we had not felt with other lawyers. He approached our case with creative problem solving ideas, and a wealth of legal knowledge. Steve executed a legal brief on short notice that was written in a masterful style. He attended an oral argument and prevailed on important issues that concerned our financial security. Steve helped us explore options and merged professionalism with warmth. Stephen Joncus, owner of Joncus Law LLC in Clackamas, Oregon, provided us with fair and unsurpassed legal representation.

– Terri Jamison

Stephen is an absolutely wonderful and talented attorney. Who does another attorney, such as myself, hire to fight in Washington, D.C. on a crucial intellectual property matter? Stephen Joncus. I traveled to the very heart of the USPTO with Stephen to handle a difficult appeal and was quite pleased with how well he took on the “system” and prevailed. This is the man you want when you are backed up in a corner by a complicated government bureaucracy and you need a legal warrior to fight your way back to the light.

– Rod Underhill